e-Catalogue is the electronic version of the BCA Catalogue 2019/2020. It consists of technical and marketing reference source of information on building materials, products, labour and services, plant and equipment and their suppliers. It aims to provide an easy, one-stop electronic access to consolidated company and product information (including design details and technical specification) in a central repository. It contains information that is required for design decisions, drawings, specifications, as references and purchases etc. It can be used by upstream developers and consultants for design activities and to downstream contractors and suppliers for procurement activities, anytime via the Internet.

The product information provided in e-catalogue is meant to serve your business needs.

The Building and Construction Authority does not endorse the products included in the catalogue. It is the responsibility of the users to select appropriate products and ensure the selected products meet their specific requirements.

For enquires pertaining to the eCatalog, such as update on information or new advertisers, you may contact Lewis Chua 6804 6850 or email to lewis_chua@bca.gov.sg

Complimentary copies of the BCA Catalogue may be obtained from BCA HQ Service Centre.