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This course is designed to assist engineers to prepare for Practical Professional Exam in Civil Engineering. The syllabus of the exam is very wide; many engineers do not know how to prepare for the exam. This course uses systemic approach to cover major topics.

Building and Construction Authority

18 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2019

DfMA is a concept that has its roots in the manufacturing sector. In construction, DfMA is a process whereby buildings are designed for ease of off-site manufacturing and efficiency of on-site assembly. In this course, participants will gain essential concepts and principles of DfMA, design consideration for DfMA, its benefits and challenges as well as applications. Case studies will also be discussed.

Building and Construction Authority

26 Mar 2019 to 26 Mar 2019

The mandatory provision of civil defence (CD) shelters for all new residential development started in 1998. Owners have the option of providing household shelter within the dwelling unit or storey shelter on each floor. Good knowledge of the guidelines on proper processes and procedures on plan submission and commissioning of Household Shelter (HS) and Storey Shelter (SS) under Building Control Act and Regulations is necessary for both architectural and engineering new entrants.

Building and Construction Authority

27 Mar 2019 to 28 Mar 2019

This course was launched jointly by BCA and HDB to improve the industry to meet the needs of its current and potential renovation contractors. All existing and new renovation contractors are encouraged to attend the course to learn the good practices to better plan and manage renovation projects.This course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skill and knowledge in planning and managing renovation projects. Particular emphasis is placed on documentation, resource management, quality control, delivering good customer services, designing for home renovation and finally, opportunities for improvement or upgrading of the business.

Building and Construction Authority

28 Mar 2019 to 28 Mar 2019

Way-finding and signage design should be considered holistically as part of the building and facilities planning process. This is to ensure that people can have safe and easy access to amenities and facilities provided in a building. Through this course, the participants will have a good appreciation of how way-finding plays a vital role in Universal Design (UD), especially in supporting the ageing population; learn of the principles, design considerations and communication strategies of way-finding and signage; and be familiar with the design requirements set out in SS 599:2014 Guide for Wayfinding Signage in Public Areas. The Instructor will also share his experiences through the use of positive and negative case-studies.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

28 Mar 2019 to 28 Mar 2019

The fire code review seminar gives an overview of the latest Fire Code requirements and changes released on 21 August 2018 published by SCDF

This course is design to assist engineer to prepare for Practical Professional Exam in Civil Engineering.The syllabus of the exam is very wide; many engineers do not know how to prepare for the exam. This course uses systemic approach to cover major topics.

Building and Construction Authority

1 Apr 2019 to 1 Apr 2019

Construction sites are often exposed to risks. Collapse, flooding, fire, falling debris, accidents involving workers or even damage to third party properties are among the common concerns at on-going project site. This course comprising of lectures and case studies, will enable participants to appreciate basic concepts in risk management and acquire better knowledge of the Contractors All Risks (CAR) insurance policy. Besides policy coverage, issues of dealing with CAR claims will also be addressed during the session.

Building and Construction Authority

3 Apr 2019 to 5 Apr 2019

Modelled after International Facility Management Association (IFMA)s flagship World Workplace Conference hosted in United States annually, the World Workplace Asia (WWPA) conference provides a platform for exchanges on pertinent issues and complexities of facility management, in the Asian context. More than 600 delegates, represented by facilities management, property management and real estate professionals, building owners, public sector officials and other decision-makers locally and worldwide, attended the inaugural run of the WWPA conference held in Singapore in 2012, and the subsequent run in 2015.Presented by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), IFMA and the Singapore Chapter of IFMA, the WWPA conference 2019 will be focusing on the theme Building the Future of Facility Management through Digital Innovation. This years conference focuses on technology and innovation, with the attention on digitalisation. The presentations will encompass topics covering pertinent issues in smart facility management, operation & maintenance and real estate.

Building and Construction Authority

5 Apr 2019 to 5 Apr 2019

ISO 41000: FM STANDARDS, UNDERSTANDING AND IMPLEMENTATIONThe ISO 41000 suite of international FM standards provides a framework for FM worldwide in the delivery of services, fine-tune performance and manage risks allowing businesses to operate in a more effective, efficient and resilient manner. This session will address the development and implications of ISO 41000 and demonstrates how standards can contribute to a more productive, sustainable and liveable Built Environment which influences our quality of life.