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Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

31 Mar 2023 to 31 Mar 2023

Topic: A Practical Approach of Resolving Disputes on Variation, Payment Claims, including The Mediation Process for Professional EngineersSeminar Outline 1.Definition Of Variation Claims, and Its Legal Implications 2.Resolving Payment Claims, A Practical Approach and Its Outcome 3.Mediation Process and Resolving Construction Disputes 4.Case Studies and Discussions5.Question and Answers 6.Bringing Litigation and Arbitration claims for variation and payment claims

Building and Construction Authority

26 Apr 2023 to 5 Jun 2023

This technical seminar calls for awareness and innovative use of structural steel for more sustainable, economic, productive, and safer building. You will hear from leading industry speakers and researchers sharing on the latest trends of our steel construction in industry, challenges and innovative solutions in design and construction of long span and complex structures, and the benefits and success of using such solutions.

Building and Construction Authority

8 May 2023 to 8 Jun 2023

There are five Award categories:
(a) Residential Buildings
(b) Commercial / Mixed Development Buildings
(c) Industrial Buildings
(d) Institutional Buildings
(e) Civil/Infrastructure projects

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Projects must have obtained TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) between 1st Jan 2022 and 31st Dec 2022. For phased TOP/Completion, the last TOP/Completion date must be within the qualifying TOP date.

2. Nominated projects must have undergone the full CONQUAS assessment and attained the following minimum CONQUAS score:

CategoryQualifying Score
Residential Buildings95
Commercial / Mixed Development Buildings94.5
Institutional Buildings93.2
Industrial Buildings90.8
Civil/Infrastructure projectsNA

3. Nominated projects must achieve a minimum of Green Mark Platinum rating.

CategoryMinimum Green Mark rating
Residential BuildingsPlatinum
Commercial / Mixed Development Buildings
Institutional Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Civil/Infrastructure ProjectsNA

4. Nominated projects with safety-related fatality will not be eligible.

5. Nominated projects previously judged will not be eligible.

6. Nomination requires endorsement by the Top/Senior Management from the Developer/Client, Builder/Main Contractor, Architect, Civil & Structural Consultant, Mechanical & Electrical Consultant, Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Consultant and other key specialist.

7. Nominated Civil/Infrastructure projects will have to be endorsed by Government Procurement Entity (GPE).

*Revamped & Revised to DfS Guidelines 2022* The regulatory requirement for Design-for-Safety (DfS) was enforced since August 2016. It requires stakeholders to work together to address foreseeable risks right from the conceptual design to the construction of the project. During the construction stage, the DfS review meetings will involve the design & supervision team from the Consultants and construction team from the Contractor. They will participate in reviewing safety and health risks relating to design and propose mitigation measures for implementation.

Job Redesigning Sharing Session - Holistic Look at Workforce Transformation for the Built Environment Sector

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

22 Jun 2023 to 23 Jun 2023

This Competency Requirement document specifies the performance criteria, underpinning knowledge, range and context for the design, training and assessment of the Design for Safety Professionals (DfSP) Course. Learners of this course will gain the knowledge and skills for fulfilling the roles of the construction in accordance with the guideline on Design for Safety and Health in Buildings and Structures.

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

6 Jul 2023 to 6 Jul 2023

LEARNING OBJECTIVESIncreasing productivity and enabling collaborationDesign & BIM Data Management. BIM & Analysis InteroperabilityPreparing Structural Building information Models for IFC-SG Submission requirementsTOPIC & AGENDAExploring Structural BIM to Analysis workflows & Model Automation procedures.Hands-on: Revit-Dynamo-RobotHands-on: Corenet X - IFC-SG Parameters for Revit & Checking Structural ModelsShowcase: Generative design Showcase: CSIxRevit Interoperability

Association of Consulting Engineers, Singapore

6 Jul 2023 to 24 Jul 2023

To provide training programs (on-line) for graduates and practicing engineers in the ACMV industry who need to either extend or update their knowledge on a particular subject(s) in accordance with current developments in the industry.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

7 Jul 2023 to 7 Jul 2023

Design risk can be managed effectively by identifying the hazard and controlling the risk through Design for Safety (DfS) reviews during project development.Designing for safety should start at the early stage of a project whereby key stakeholders will review the design progressively to identify hazards on the building layout, materials used and construction methods etc. so as to enhance the safety of the project for construction as well as operation and maintenance.

Institution of Engineers, Singapore

4 Aug 2023 to 27 Sep 2023

The professional course on erosion control will lead to accreditation of professional engineers as Qualified Erosion Control Professionals (QECPs).The duties and responsibilities of a QECP include designing erosion and sedimentation control measures in construction sites and preparing plans. Submission plans to PUB shall be submitted by a registered QECP.