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CORENET e-Submission System

CORENET e-Submission system (eSS) is a G2B (Government to Business) internet-based system that enables industry professionals to submit project related electronic plans and documents to regulatory authorities for approval within a secured environment.

The System handles project-related documents for whole project life cycle covering processing of plans and documents related to issuance of:

    • Planning approvals
    • Building plans approvals
    • Structural plans approvals
    • Temporary occupation permit
    • Fire safety certificate
    • Certificate of statutory completion
The benefits of the CORENET e-Submission system (eSS) include:
  • Providing One-stop convenience to both private and public sectors;
  • Providing One-stop point for submission of plans from qualified persons to multiple approving authorities from anywhere, at any time;
  • Providing One-stop access for qualified persons to check submission status online;
  • Providing One-stop billboard for approving authorities to post submission status online.