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Building and Construction Authority

20 Jun 2017 to 20 Jun 2017

The Good Industry Practices - Painting was developed to highlight good painting practices adopted by practitioners and to raise awareness of the different paint systems, the selection criteria and application processes. This course complements the guidebook, by providing practical suggestions on how good quality painting can be achieved on site. Common defects associated with paints, their causes and preventive measures are also covered in this course.

Building and Construction Authority

21 Jun 2017 to 21 Jun 2017

Connections form a very important part of any steel structure and integrity of the structure depends on them. Accurate details and specifications are required for fabrication to ensure trouble-free erection. The workshop will focus on connection design specifications as per the new SS EN 1993 (Eurocode 3): Part 1-8: Design of joints. Results of recent research on steel connections detailing and fabrication will also be introduced. The course will be taught with practical examples of connection designs which are reliable as well as economical.

Building and Construction Authority

27 Jun 2017 to 28 Jun 2017

The built environment sector has seen significant transformation from 2D drafting to 3D modelling in recent years. While the Civil and Structural (C&S) BIM e-submission is gaining traction, structural calculations are still generated in PDF to justify the sizes of load bearing elements. There is disconnect between analytical models used in design and physical models used to document design intent. There is indeed a need to push for the integration of physical and analytical models to maximize the benefits of BIM for structural engineers.

Building and Construction Authority

27 Jun 2017 to 2 Aug 2017

Under the Fire Safety Act 1993 and Fire Safety (Fire Safety Manager) Regulations 1994, it is mandatory for owners of designated buildings to appoint a Fire Safety Manager. Through the Fire Safety Manager, fire safety activities and fire prevention measures are also implemented to promote fire safety awareness among the building occupants.The aim of the course is to provide knowledge on fire safety, fire protection and fire-fighting facilities in order to perform the roles as a Fire Safety Manager.

Building and Construction Authority

3 Jul 2017 to 4 Jul 2017

This course complements the basic course on Eurocode 2 (EC2), Design of Concrete Structures-Eurocode vs British Standard to give a comprehensive coverage of the more advanced topics in EC2. It covers the design of prestressed concrete structures, slender columns, strut and tie of concrete regions that do not conform to flexure, core walls, foundations, retaining walls, progressive collapse, as well as both prescriptive and performance-based design of fire resistance of concrete structures. In addition, this course will equip participants with fundamental understanding of structural behaviours. It also contains worked examples, where appropriate, to enable participants to grasp the full details of the design procedures. As cross reference will be made to the basic course on EC2, participants are encouraged to attend the basic course on EC2 before attending this advanced course. This course is jointly organised by BCA Academy and Protective Technology Research Centre (PTRC) of Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Building and Construction Authority

3 Jul 2017 to 19 Jul 2017

In recent years, there have been more deep underground construction works in Singapore. Other than MRT stations and tunnels, Singapore is also moving towards rock cavern construction. Remarkable cavern projects include the Underground Ammunition Facility, opened in 2008 by the Singapore Armed Force which free up 300 ha of usable land; and the Jurong Rock Caverns, opened in September 2014, which free up 60 ha of usable land. Upcoming is the underground Science City at Kent Ridge, a 30-storey below ground development to house research laboratories, offices and a data centre.With this trend and development, there is a need for the industry to be trained to supervise deep underground construction works. This course aims to equip site personnel with the knowledge of earth retaining or stabilising structures and deep underground excavation so as to raise their competency to supervise deep construction works safely.

Building and Construction Authority

7 Jul 2017 to 7 Jul 2017

REDAS will be organizing the Property Market Update Seminar 2017 on 7 July. This is an important annual event which is attended by organizations within the real estate industry as well as others who are interested in our local property market. The seminar will be held from 9am-5pm at Orchard Hotel Ballroom (Level 3). The seminar features engaging presentations by 9 leading economist and prominent industry experts who will share their insights on the economic outlook and its impact on the property market as well as the latest industry update for the different sectors. For more detailed information, please refer to the attached pdf.

Building and Construction Authority

9 Jul 2017 to 29 Dec 2017

The BCSS is a mandatory training course for individuals who are assigned to undertake the role of a supervisor in the construction industry. Workplace Safety and Health(Construction) Regulations 2007 Reg. 9 (2b) stipulates that no person shall be employed to oversee or supervise any work or process carried out in a worksite unless the person has received adequate safety and health training for the purpose of ensuring that such work or process can be carried out safely. This course would be appropriate for individuals who are construction site supervisors & foreman, RTOs and site engineers.

Building and Construction Authority

10 Jul 2017 to 11 Jul 2017

This course is aimed at providing civil and structural engineers a good understanding of the general rules, main features and changes contained in Eurocode 3 and the accompanying Singapore National Annexes. Reference will be made to the accompanying codes EC0 (Basis of Structural Design) and EC1 (Actions on Structures). The course will cover the basis of structural component and frame design, structural loading, material properties, design at the ultimate limit state and the serviceability limit state. Practical examples with direct reference to the code clauses will be used to illustrate the application of the code requirements. Case studies are provided to illustrate clearly the theory of structural stability and design and how they can be applied to avoid structural collapse.

Building and Construction Authority

11 Jul 2017 to 12 Jul 2017

The performance of buildings under fire condition has attracted significant attention in recent years. This course will provide participants with the essential background for fire design of concrete and timber structures. Both behaviour and design aspects related to ambient and structural fire design of concrete and timber structures will be covered.