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In collaboration with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Workforce Singapore (WSG), Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) warmly invites HR Managers, HR Business Partners, HR Directors and Business Owners to a half-day briefing on Job Redesign and to share on an upcoming project to aggregate demand and redesign multiple job roles relevant to construction firms.

Building and Construction Authority

7 Nov 2023 to 7 Nov 2023

Insights into Agencies Regulatory Intent and Objectives: Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee (IACC) is a tripartite committee comprising of 10 regulatory agencies, 5 key industry associations and other key public sector developers, chaired by BCA. The main objective of IACC is to facilitate fast and effective resolution of any conflicting regulatory requirements impeding the progress of a project. As part of the IACC scope, agencies also review and align policies and processes at cross agency level. IACC will be organising a seminar this year to share some of the key learning points from recent cases tabled in the IACC resolution platform and highlight IACC agencies efforts to foster better understanding of regulatory intent and its objectives, conveying the rationale behind regulatory measures. The objective is to engage professionals and industry stakeholders to stay informed with the latest regulations and understand the principles behind the regulatory requirements.

Building and Construction Authority

22 Feb 2024 to 28 Mar 2024


Building and Construction Authority

8 Mar 2024 to 8 Apr 2024

The BCA Design and Engineering Safety Award was launched in May 2008 to give recognition to the Qualified Person for Structural Works [QP(ST)], QP(ST)s firm and the project team for ingenious design processes and solutions in overcoming project challenges to ensure safety in design, construction and maintenance of building and civil engineering projects locally.In this year award, we will recognise all projects which satisfy the assessment criteria as stated in the brochure with Terms and conditions.

Building and Construction Authority

20 May 2024 to 19 Jul 2024


Building and Construction Authority

1 Aug 2024 to 2 Aug 2024

Given the dynamic nature of the construction industry, technological advances, regulatory changes and the evolving workforce, the construction industry will also have to manage the shift and nature of the jobs.HR professionals and employers will need to constantly consider their human capital practices and plan strategically to meet shifting demands in the construction industry. With this in mind, SCAL, together with IHRP, had recently launched the HR guidebook for the construction sector. The Masterclass seeks to provide guidance on the use of the guidebook on critical areas of human capital practices and development